Building meaningful relationships in business

Hi all, its Claire here, I am a Business Development Manager for the NexGen Group. I wanted to write something about building meaningful relationships in business. Its something I aim to do on a daily basis here at NexGen and I know first hand the value in getting this right. 

In this day and age where everything is automated and people worry about the KPIs and time wastage in their business we forget how easy it is to pick up the phone and have a conversation with the people around you that matter the most, family, employees, clients, suppliers & networks. Strong relationships are key to any size business and can affect your client retention if these relationships are not enriched. Getting to know your clients, your suppliers, your networks, not just as a dollar sign but getting to know them as real people and letting them get to know you as a real person is key.

A while back I used to run sales training seminars and one of the things I used to insist the trainees do after business meetings was to list 5 personal things they learnt about their client. It was amazing how many of these sales people wouldn’t bother to speak to these individuals as real people not just a number. We all want to be known as people, not just an asset to any business. No one in life should be viewed or used as just a transaction, we are all people.

I've put together a list of key aspects to building good strong relationships with the people around you:

  • Be authentic.
  • Identify and share goals and values
  • Have their back, support your family, employees, suppliers, clients & networks
  • Share your connections to industries you know where your connections can help your clients, staff, suppliers and other networks
  • Get more personal and in depth
  • Share some of your vulnerability, pain you have experienced in your own business
  • Let go of expectations, let the relationship thrive organically
  • Offer something before asking for something
  • Develop mutual respect
  • Be true to yourself, your brand and the vision you are trying to achieve

We all know when someone is talking to us and it is scripted. We all know when someone is talking to us and it doesn’t sound authentic. We all know when someone is talking to us and there is no continuity. Those people will not retain long lasting relationships.

We become business owners because we are damn good at the technical aspect of our business. But by building strong relationships your business will go from good to great.

Good luck in your journey and building strong lasting family, employee, supplier, client and networking relationships.