Who do you need in your business support team?

4 September 2018

Most people these days get into business because they want to be their own boss, they want flexible hours and they want to make more money. Laying the platform and building a support team around you is so important to ensure you get those things you wanted when you first started out in business. If you don’t have the right resources around you I can guarantee what awaits you around the corner – long hours, HR issues, health and safety done poorly, under insured, can’t get your invoices out in time, can’t deal with IT problems, no systems or processes etc. I could write an entire page but I’ll stop.

The problem here is NZ’s DIY culture. We think we can do everything ourselves because it’s easy and it saves money. In business the most important thing is to stay in your lane and stick to what you’re good at! The fact is there isn’t enough time in the day for you to do everything and you simply aren’t doing your business justice by trying to save money and do it yourself.

One of my clients who has been around a long time and has grown slowly over the years has finally caught on to why I’ve always tried to connect him with the people in my network. “I won’t get anything out of it,” he used to say. He missed the point. I knew he would eventually need these people. Over the years he has been introduced to a few key contacts of NexGen’s and recently said to me “I wish I had known all these people 5 years ago, it would’ve been so much easier and faster to get to where we are now!”

Lucky for you I know who you need in your support team to run a successful business. If you’re a small business it is too expensive to hire these people in-house so it is best to connect with other business owners and outsource the hell out of everything.

Here they are and why you need them:

Significant other – This is the biggest one. If your partner knows the goals, the plan and what the overall objective is then they will do everything in their power to help. Never hold back business information from them because you are a team whether you like it or not. They can take care of the non-business stuff while you take care of the business. #Winning

Quantity Surveyor – they get the costs right so you have no leakage. On charge it to the customer, it won’t cost you a cent and it’ll save them money overall. Win-win.

Accountant – you don’t understand numbers, they do! Fix your margins, wages costs, lease vs buy, they’ve seen countless examples and have the solutions on tap. Plus they can minimise your tax.

Business Coach – you need someone to be accountable to. Your partner is not that person, they’ll pat you on the back whether you’re doing good or bad. Set goals, take action and grow your business!

Marketing & Branding – you need to look the business when you’re in business. Brand well and your business will grow faster than you ever imagined.

The Bank – trust me, you’ll REALLY need them at some point but ensure they get you started with multiple accounts, credit cards and an overdraft to start off with.

Commercial Lawyer – get them to incorporate the Construction Contracts Act into your invoicing and customer interaction. It protects you and the customer so everyone is clear. Plus a tonne of other legal stuff.

Employment Lawyer – Don’t ever write an employment contract yourself. You’ll miss something and it’ll cost you more than the original contract price. They’ll also help you with the employee versus contractor battle.

Health and Safety – Do I even need to tell you why? Do you want to go to jail because someone fell off the scaffold?

IT – Its 2018! Get the right equipment for your everyday tasks, ensure you’re backed up to the cloud and all your customer information is secure.

Doctor – stay healthy, build a relationship with them so they give you the good meds and ensure you visit them as soon as you feel a bug coming on. Sick days suck as a business owner so avoid them.

What is the common theme here? They are all specialists in what they do. You do what you do and let them do the rest to grow your business faster and with peace of mind. If you need help finding these specialists, then let us know and we will make an introduction.

Build your team. Make a plan for the business. Implement the ideas. Dominate!