What NexGen Money means for you

1 March 2018

We all know that we need to get better with money. Whether it’s doing a budget, paying off the mortgage faster, consolidating debt or setting savings goals, we know what we’d like to achieve - financial freedom. Over the last year, we’ve been working hard at NexGen to develop a range of services to help people achieve their money goals. We’re proud to tell you about NexGen Money.


Most people will benefit from NexGen Money. If you’re starting out and want guidance, have a bit of debt and are lacking direction or goals, or already have a mortgage or multiple properties we’ve got you covered. We also have a mortgage-only service - yes that's right we can help you secure finance for your slice of the Kiwi dream, a home.   


It’s pretty simple. We’ve got different monthly-fee packages to suit your situation and goals.

The Proactive Approach

We’ll work with you to analyse your financial situation, give you some handy money tips and guidance, undertake budgeting, and structure your bank accounts and credit cards. We’ll also help you set those all-important money goals and we’ll review them with you after 90 days to make sure you’re on track. You’ll have ongoing support with 6-monthly catch-ups where we’ll update your budget. Think of it as setting a great foundation to manage and improve your finances.

Get Ahead

Not only will you get all of the services we offer under the Proactive Approach, we’ll also include a plan to consolidate any debt you may have. We really ramp up the support that we offer you with catch-ups and budget updates every two months. We’ll be your financial mentor - checking in regularly and having your back to help you #GetAhead.

Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster  

You’ll have access to all of the services described above, plus a lot more. We offer mortgage restructures which can make your debt work better for you and potentially save you thousands. You’ll also have regular access to expert financial advice with monthly catch-ups and budget updates. Being part of NexGen means we can offer you a review of your accounting and tax to improve your overall financial position.

Mortgage-only service

If all you need right now is a mortgage we can also help with that. It’s a great time to take stock of your financial situation so we can work through any other support you need during the financing process.



We’d like to help you achieve your money goals. Call us anytime to have a chat on 09 320 3730 or send an enquiry through our website.