How to write killer content to attract business from the inside out.

26 September 2018

I previously wrote an article on the importance of content marketing and how it can position you as an expert in your field, resulting in more leads for your business. But just providing content isn’t quite enough, the content you provide needs to be relevant, interesting and inspiring for your target market. I’ve put together a guide on how to ensure your content hits the market every time.

1. Have an opinion.

No one remembers grey. When sharing your content there is normally a sure split of opinion on it;

30% of those who see it will vaguely like it, 30% will actively dislike it, 30% don’t really care and only 10% will absolutely love it and connect with you. I know this doesn’t sound like a lot but if you use sponsoring to gain reach 10% is enough. Ask yourself, what annoys you about your industry, what do you love or what do you want to fix?

2. Tell stories about your client experiences.

Stories sell. When you tell stories about situations you’ve had with your actual clients they sell even more because they make you and your business relatable. Show examples of inspirational outcomes that make clients aspire to that life. Put your stories in to short videos, the more videos you share, the more your prospects say “I feel like I already know you” the first time you meet them in person.

3. Use testimonials.

Testimonials make great content. Don’t just ask for a few lines from a happy customer. Interview them, ask them questions, tell the to explain problems you solved and how the use of their service improved their business. Make the client the hero, you are the mentor!

4. Build an experience through or around your content.

Millennials would rather spend money on an experience than a product or service, therefore you need to build an experience around your product or service. They also want to be able to share this experience, this generation lives and breathes technology and social, give them an experience that allows them/motivates them to share it. This will also help you to extend your reach.

5. Show them their doubt is valid

Talk to your customers pain points and doubts, come from an understanding position and then show them how you would approach that pain point.

6. People come for content & stay for community

You can generate all the content you like, but it’s the community that causes people to stay.

One creates a community through a feeling of understanding and belonging. Can your clients stop past the office unannounced? Could they ring you up for a quick question? If they feel that connection with your business personally, you’ll not only maintain business, but they will turn in to advocates for you too. When you build a community that your clients want to be part of (whether that’s through great events or an online group or offices that make them feel welcome), and you collaborate with the right people, you will always lead the market.

7. Perfection is a fairy tale

And it’s the enemy of ‘done’. We have to accept that not only do you not have to be perfect…. but it will never be perfect. So just get it done. As long as it’s something your clients care about or can connect with, click publish!

8. Simply your content

You want to build lots of short snippets. Yes, having a proper case study video professionally produced and presented on your website are hugely important, but the viewer should be able to see a short snippet upfront and make the choice to delve deeper on your site if they wish to view the longer video. Take a quick screenshot of a comment a client made about how grateful they are for the work you’ve done. Publish a social post with a quote from an event you attended, share a 11 second Instagram story on your travels that day. The tiny things add up and make an impact over time.

9. Cut out the terminology

Say what you actually want to say. Make it so a 7-year-old can figure it out. Not because your prospective buyer isn’t smart or educated and doesn’t know how to decipher what you’re saying: but because they don’t have time. They’re going to whizz past it barely reading it. Make their life easier.