10 ways to save money on petrol.

29 August 2018

There are still a lot of people who are finding the recent petrol increase hard on their wallets. A few years ago, we wouldn’t have dreamed of spending such exorbitant amounts on a commodity we have to use on a day-to-day basis.

While we have no control over the rising cost of petrol, over here at NexGen we do have a few tips to help you fill up less often.

Keep your car in good condition – Taking your car for regular services will keep it in good condition, help it remain fuel efficient for as long as possible and ensure it doesn’t break down or bomb out at a bad time.

Avoid rush hour traffic – Driving on heavily congested roads eats up more petrol, especially if you’re constantly idling and stopping in the traffic. If possible, drive before or after rush hour traffic.

Drive smoothly – Breaking abruptly and accelerating forcefully guzzles up petrol. Rather avoid speeding and drive smoothly to save petrol as well as keep safe on the road.

Check your tyre pressure – Luckily, unlike petrol, air is free! Deflated tyres cause your car to use up more petrol by creating more resistance on the road.

Check your car’s wheel alignment - Bad wheel alignment can contribute to higher petrol consumption. This is because it causes more friction on the road, resulting in your car needing to use more power to move.

Close your windows – Especially when you’re driving fast, open windows can affect the aerodynamics of your car, making it consume more petrol.

Remove roof racks when you’re not using them – Roof racks can add up to 20% drag, take them off if they’re not being used.

Turn off your air-con – Your car’s air-con guzzles up a lot of petrol so, if you don’t need your air-con on, turn it off.

Start a lift club – Whether for work trips, sports meetings, school drop offs, etc., you can save money by using lift clubs. You will find other people are also trying to save money on petrol. So, why not start a lift club so that you can split up the heavy cost of petrol with others.

Reduce your car’s weight – Remove unnecessary items from your car, such as roof racks, bags, golf clubs, etc. as your car will use less petrol if it is lighter.

Plan your trips – Rather than driving back and forth and all around to get your errands done, plan your trips carefully so that you can get everything done in one round trip. This ensures that your car’s engine does not have to heat up numerous times.