23 May 2018


Sprout is a recruitment and talent management business that specializes in supporting businesses and individuals in acquiring, developing and retaining top talent, as well as supporting individuals in their career journey. Sprout is about supporting the talent of growth organisations from the inside-out.  


The Challenge:

Being a startup Sprout required more than just an accountant but rather a ‘virtual CFO’ and strategic advisor who could share their vision for the business. They had concerns around cashflow, budgeting and were also looking for validation and confidence around the business idea. Sprout was looking for a firm that has a thorough understanding of what it takes to be successful in the professional services sector, so they could pre-empt specific challenges relevant to the industry. 

NexGen Services:

Accounting, Business Advisory, Mortgages, Insurance, Personal & Business Finance and Tax

The NexGen Solution:

NexGen stepped in as external team members who could support and advise on Sprout's long-term business vision. We put together a tailored monthly accounting package to streamline the operations side and came up with an investment plan to ensure consistent financial growth, this way Sprout could put more time into the sides of the business that they are experts at. If you have an idea in the area of the market the team at NexGen are more than happy to hear it and discuss.  

“What we’ve learnt about NexGen is that if you have an idea you want to run past them, they will always bring financial and commercial nous to the conversation and will look at your idea through customer eyes.” – Brien Keegan, Founder - Sprout

What has Sprout achieved with the aid of its NexGen solution? 

“NexGen enables us at Sprout to focus on our core business. As a small, and growing business cashflow is always a concern, but I know that the NexGen team have it covered - supporting us from the transactional finance side, through to strategic support on the direction of our business. I don’t feel like a customer of NexGen, I feel like a business partner, in fact, I haven’t worked with someone at NexGen who I haven’t been impressed with. The communication internally must be excellent, as it seems like they all know where our business is at right across the office.”