Phil’s Kitchen

23 May 2018


Phil is a New Zealand chef who opened his own restaurant, Phil’s Kitchen, in March 2015. Today Phil’s Kitchen is already known as one of Auckland’s top restaurants. 

The Challenge: 

Phil is a young, ambitious, first-time business owner who required more than just financial services, but also business strategy and advice. It was essential that his accountant and advisor had a thorough understanding of the highly competitive hospitality industry as he would not be able to pre-empt the specific challenges that come with owning a business in this sector himself. He wanted more time to focus on his customer as opposed to building the business. 

NexGen Services:

Accounting and Business Advisory services.

The NexGen Solution:

Phil wanted a better understanding of how the financial side of a successful business should run, so we started the process by leading him through the ins and outs of it all. Once the theory was in place, put together a tailored monthly accounting package to make things as simple and streamlined as possible for him. This freed up time and eased his concerns so could spend more time focusing on his customers. With our experience and thorough understanding of the hospitality industry, we stepped in as Phil’s trusted business advisors. 

“NexGen did an outstanding job for me. As a first-time restaurant owner, I knew very little about starting a business and carried a lot of worry entering a very competitive industry. NexGen made things so simple for me, their approach is modern and streamlined. Their knowledge of the industry saved a lot of time when it came to decision making too”

What has Phil’s Kitchen achieved with the aid of its NexGen Solution?

“Things are just way more streamlined with having NexGen on my team. My employees are way happier because I never have any issues with Payroll, my customers are happier because I have way more time to focus on them. NexGen’s given me confidence in my ideas too, they really go on the journey with you. They do such an outstanding job for me, they really have helped my business grow to what it is today!” – Phil Clarke, Owner