Taking your business to the next level

Owning a business can be challenging as well as rewarding. It takes ongoing planning and improvement to be successful. For many business owners finding the right support can be difficult. At NexGen we have a fantastic range of business coaching services which help you tackle your business head-on.
Even if you’re doing well, the beginning of a new financial year is the perfect time to recalibrate and smash out your goals.



At NexGen we’re committed to #TreatingYourBusinessLikeOurOwn. During our process we’ll get an understanding of your vision and values - the reasons why you get out of bed each morning. We’ll then facilitate a session which results in a clear, concise one-page business plan.
Why is this important?
Through this process you’ll identify and prioritise your personal and business goals over the short, medium and long-term. We’ll help you to create strategies to achieve your goals and set up a 90 Day Action plan to sort out urgent issues within your business. Finally, we’ll give you tools to help you review performance against set targets. 

Business planning


Do you feel like you’re spending all your time “in the business” focussing on day-to-day operations and technical matters? Our quarterly coaching service will help you switch your focus by increasing accountability and support so you have tools to achieve the results you want.
You’ll get access to trusted advisor with expertise in small business to make sure you continue to work towards your goals. We also offer customised reporting templates to measure performance against forecasts. With clients who make the most of quarterly coaching we see increases in profitability and cash flow.

Quarterly coaching



Cash flow planning is vital to the health of any business and helps ensure continuation and growth. We have a cash flow management service which helps you maximise cash flow, predict large cash outflows and respond effectively to any changes in your business.
Improving business processes is the best way to manage cash flow issues. Once we’ve prepared a cash flow forecast we review your business processes to diagnose the causes for poor cash flow and address any issues.

We don’t leave you hanging either! We’ll meet with you each quarter to monitor and adjust. We’ll be your cash flow coach, helping you set annual goals and 90 Day Action Plans and keeping you accountable so that you see results from the improvement strategies you’ve implemented.

Cash flow forecasting

With the right support and someone to keep you accountable you’ll be able to achieve your goals. Here’s what we did for one of our construction clients:

I was able to change the way the business is run; organise strategic partnerships to keep the business growing and increase performance to reduce the lack of sleepless nights. The boys are super happy and doing very well off the back of this. Cash flow was initially a struggle but with good monthly reporting and management we have addressed this - reducing debt and returning more money for the directors. They also were told to go fishing to have some balance.
- Niran, Chief Director  

For a monthly fee you can access these services as well as our other business coaching offerings. To find out more simply call Niran or Claire on 09 320 3730. Or send an enquiry through our website.