Are you living the dream?

Remember being a kid and always asking your teacher “why”? Why the earth went around the sun? Why things fell to the ground instead of going up? Why you had to stop playing when the school bell rung? Most of us grew out of this annoying habit.
What we probably didn’t realise is that finding out the “why” is the most important question we’ll ever answer. It’s the reason we get up in the morning, go to work each day, and spend time doing what we love in the weekends. For me the why is about living #TheDream.



Let’s be clear I’m not just talking about money. Think of the richest people in the world. The ones that are happy have something else going on - whether it’s giving away millions to charity or building water wells in Africa, simply printing money isn’t enough. Money is, however, an important vehicle to help you achieve #TheDream.


For me the dream is about finding the sweet spot between three freedoms: time, mind, and financial. We often focus on achieving financial freedom. As a business owner keeping your mind free of worry and finding time to do what you enjoy and excel at is just as, if not more, important.  



Hand us those time-consuming tasks which you’re not expert at like bookkeeping.  We’ll have your transactions and invoicing in hand while you spend your time on what you do best - either at home, in your business, or both.   



Trust us to handle your financial and accounting matters. We’re the experts and can save you money, improve your cash flow, and ensure you are tax compliant whilst you focus on achieving your goals. We’ll help you to identify opportunities to increase the profitability of your business and reduce waste. We can assist with personal goals too. Did you know with NexGen Money we’re able to get lending for your home?



Mind freedom is about ensuring you have clarity. It’s often forgotten about but mind is easily the most important of the three freedoms. With a clear head you make good decisions, can grow your business, be present when spending time with your family and ensure you’re working towards the things you want in life. With our business coaching services we can help you establish clear goals and build the capability in your business to achieve them.

Be like our most successful clients. To find your “why” and live #TheDream call us on 09 320 3730.