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Who we are

Hi. We are NexGen Accounting, a fresh, young and innovative accountancy here to shake up the industry. NexGen was born out of the need for more; more value, more communication, more innovation. We’ve been in this game long enough to know that things can be done better and that’s what we aim to do.

We have two goals as a business; provide the best possible customer service in our sector and be at the forefront of change, processes, techniques, technology – the lot. Aside from that, we are an accountancy with a twist. We are experts in business development, you pair that up with being qualified accountants and you have an engine that effectively increases profitability and helps businesses achieve their goals quicker.

Why we’re here

NexGen is here to evoke change. We were sick of hearing that people were seeing their accountants once or twice a year, we thought they were over-exaggerating… they were NOT!

At NexGen we believe that people deserve more and you should be able to contact your accountant whenever you want. Our mission is simple, we are here to offer a committed and personal service to guide our clients to financial freedom.

We are big on processes too. In order for you to get the best possible service it is important for us to create processes that keep things simple. Technology has made life easier, so it’s only right our tech-savviness makes your accounting easier too.

Meet THE NEXGEN family

  • Niran Iswar

    Director & Co-founder

    • NexGen_Staff_small.jpg

    I’ve always been ambitious and wanted more out of my job. I took a look around the industry and knew I could deliver more value and better customer experiences. NexGen Accounting was born.

    This drive enabled me to gain the confidence to deliver an awesome product, with exceptional service at competitive rates. Three years later we are still growing and committed to building our ethos of thinking differently every single day.

    At NexGen I…
    • Lead business development
    • Drive forecasting/modelling
    • Maintain relationships with clients
    • Bring in new business
    • Manage the business
    • Design work flow and processes
    • Implement budgeting
    • Performance analysis
    • Conduct negotiations
    Personal life

    If there’s one thing I love to do in my spare time it’s a good charcoal BBQ – hanging out with friends and family and a few beers (sometimes a whiskey).

    If I wasn’t an Accountant

    I’d be a policeman.


    I’ve been told that I’m a pretty transparent person; the one side of me that people don’t see is my vast vocabulary of profanities :)

    Chaz Reid

    Group Marketing Manager

    • NexGen_Staf small.jpg

    Brian Kang

    Senior Accountant

    • NexGen_Staff_brian small.jpg

    I came to NZ about 14 years ago with my family. In 2011, I went to the Victoria University of Wellington, and graduated in 2013, majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law, and minoring in Taxation.

    After finishing the degree, I decided to come back to Auckland to build my accounting career.

    Personal life

    While I was in university, I played indoor football, and outdoor football in a league every week. (Usually spend weekend nights watching football). I love most sports - baseball, basketball, tennis, but not cricket... which doesn't really go down well in the office! 

    Also, having fun with fishing lately.

    If I wasn’t an Accountant

    I’d be a Veterinarian.

    Alister Siew

    Accounting Manager

  • Vinay Iswar

    Director & Co-founder

    • NexGen_Staff_website.jpg

    Being an Accountant was always on the cards - I’m good with numbers and get a kick out of knowing I play a key part in the success of people’s businesses. Starting NexGen is all about helping businesses think big and grow effectively.

    I have always seen technology playing a huge part in the Accountancy world and have passion to innovate and make our practices easier to use and understand.

    At NexGen I…
    • Mainstream accounting
    • Develop software to work smarter not harder
    • Advise clients on software choices and implementation of processes
    • Advise on structuring and tax planning
    • Review team output - e.g. financial statements, tax returns
    • Train and develop staff
    • Handle Xero questions from clients, staff and some consultancy
    • Drive new business
    • Maintain relationships with clients
    • Manage the business
    Personal life

    Away from the numbers side of things, I am all about living life to the fullest - it’s difficult not to when you live in NZ. I love travelling, sports (mainly cricket) and most importantly surrounding myself with good food, better company and of course a decent beer.

    If I wasn’t an Accountant

    I’d be an Architect.


    Not many people know this, but due to my younger years in retail I know more about Manchester (bed & bath) than most women, and more about men’s clothing than I care to admit.

    Samantha Walker

    Support & Office Manager

    • NexGen_Staff_small version 2.jpg

    Louis Chi


    • NexGen_Staff_louis small.jpg

    I'm one of the new recruits at NexGen Accounting.

    Born in Taiwan, my family immigrated to New Zealand in 1996. Accounting was my favourite class in high school. I was tossing up Physio and Accounting but eventually chose Physio as it was a limited course with an intake of only 100 a year. After Physio didn't work out, it was only natural for me to go back to Accounting.

    Personal life

    I'm a Pokemon trading card game player. I've won the NZ national championships twice in 2013 and 2015, and competed at the world championships in Vancouver and Boston respectively.

    If I wasn’t an Accountant

    I’d be a lawyer

  • Peter Prema


    • NexGen_Staff_Peter small.jpg

    Sophie Wang


    • NexGen_Staff_sophie small.jpg

    Accountancy wasn’t exactly top of my to-do list whilst at University. That was until I did my first internship which changed everything!

    I’m happiest when I’m understanding client problems and helping overcome the challenges they face. The gratitude given to me from clients for sharing my knowledge and expertise was infectious. That’s when I realised I was going to be an Accountant :)

    At NexGen I…
    • Conduct bank reconciliations and GST returns
    • Set up new clients on Xero
    • Implement general accounting and administration
    • Prepare annual financial statements
    • Prepare draft tax returns for individuals, companies, trusts and partnerships
    • Prepare engagement letters and fixed price agreements
    Personal life

    When I’m not in the office I eat (not that I don’t eat in the office) - and I mean really eat! I am a massive foodie. I love to people watch, explore new things and push myself out of my comfort zone. The most important thing in my life is my family so on top of eating I spend a lot of quality time with them.

    If I wasn’t an Accountant

    I’d be a School teacher. Dolphin trainer.


    I have a gift. It’s called hyper-super-duper-recognisation, I have the ability to remember faces, I’m scarily good at it too. My friends tell me it’s not a big deal, I totally disagree!

    Jayna Williams

    Senior Accountant

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